Use a computer

The Edgewood Public Library has six public use computers, as well as a printer. Printing is a paid service, and fees can be found on the printing service page. 

Guidelines for computer use at the library are as follows:

  1.  Everyone is eligible to use the computers during the regular library hours. Children in 1st grade or younger should be supervised by a parent or caregiver.
  2.  There is no charge for using the computer. Printing pricing is to follow the printing service fee chart.
  3. Use of computers by library staff for library purposes will take priority over all other uses. All school or business computer use will take priority over recreational use.
  4. Time may be reserved in one-hour blocks. Reservations for time on the computer may be made up to a week in advance and only one reservation may be made per day per person. Reservations may be made over the telephone. 
  5. A maximum of two people at the computer at one time. Persons not using the computer should not be in the computer area. This includes "watching" others play games. Any exceptions must be approved by the library staff. 
  6. Anyone making excessive noise or using the computer and/or software in an abusive manner will have their computer privileges revoked for a period of one month. 
  7. Anyone late for their reserved time forfeits that time to anyone else who is eligible to use it. 
  8. Unscheduled time may be claimed by anyone. 
  9. Absolutely no food or drink near the computers. If food/drink is split on computers, you will be held liable for damages and repairs.