Police and Firefighter Play Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Design and build a police motorcycle, then head to the Fire Station with Elmo to build a fire truck. Imaginative play meets early building, perfect for developing fine motor skills. 

Engineering Gears and Mazes Kit

Interest Grades: K-3 | Hands on crafts, rolling marble gravity mazes, and machines that move, the Engineering Gears and Mazes kit has all the enrichment a future engineer could need. With open ended play and building options, these items help kids learn and build STEM skills, such as critical thinking through trial and error. Get the ball rolling and the gears cranking with this great kit. 

Examine Science and Nature Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | Let’s go and explore! The Examine Science and Nature kit encourages kids to explore everyday items in their house, backyard or on a nature walk. The Handheld Mini Microscope and Specimen Slides gives children a lens into assorted specimens including goldfish scales, pollen, and butterflies to name a few. The science trivia challenge game will test your scientific knowledge and deductive reasoning skills.

My Amazing Body Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | From your head to your toes, the My Amazing Body kit is an introduction to anatomy and explains the important parts of your body. The hands-on manipulatives for the heart, brain and skeleton will provide children with an in-depth look into the human body and create an appreciation for everything their bodies can do. 

Trucks and Tools Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The Trucks and Tools kit is designed for the young gearhead. The two-piece tractor trailer and the Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® are interactive hands-on manipulatives for building fine motor skills. Kid friendly tools are designed for tiny hands and encourages creativity and problem-solving skills.

All About Dinosaurs Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Enjoy imaginative play with dinosaur games and figures. The Dinosaur Escape game allows kids to work together, use their memory, and incorporate simple strategy to rescue the dinosaurs from volcanic eruption. Let children dive into their imaginative play through the jumbo dinosaur figures or the reusable dinosaur sticker play scene. 

Explore the Outdoors Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The Explore the Outdoors kit encourages kids to explore the great outdoors. Perfect for nature walks and backyard exploration with the submergible SeaScope and Explorer Scope for both up-close examination of everything from rocks to bugs or once expanded, things far away or high in the sky. Perfect for STEM learning and exploration on the go.

Understanding Our Universe Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Learn about the position, order, size, and shape of the planets using inflatable models. Project real images of our solar system including stars, planets, and galaxies. Take a journey through our solar system with the book Planets and Moons. 

Learn to Move and Play Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Designed for preschool age children, this kit features two fun games that encourage them to get up and move. These games help develop gross motor skills in a fun manner. Children will learn how to listen and follow directions, take turns, and imitate. Kids will enjoy reading this simple book with their parents as they learn about basics of eight popular sports.

Explore Circuits Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | Play and learn with this circuits kit. Develop problem solving, cause and effect, and logic skills in this addictive marble circuits game. Learn the fundamentals of circuitry with this imaginative play set made to teach key engineering and design principles. 

Ou91LW7y+1Y2L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_.jpgr kit contains book "How Circuits Work" not "Electricity" as shown above.

Green Energy Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | Our world runs on energy and the Green Energy kit teaches kids about alternative energy sources that are clean and renewable. The kit introduces young engineers about energy and promotes hands-on exploration of energy concepts. Kids will be introduced to solar, wind and geothermal power and encouraged to build over 125 different projects using alternative energy sources.

STEM in Motion Kit

Interest Grades: 1-3 | Children will engage in hands-on learning through exploring the STEM activities within this kit. Children can practice their engineering and design skills through building catapults, windmills, or roller coasters. They can also discover the force of gravity through the STEM Explorers™ Marble Runner. 

Food and Nutrition Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Get kids talking about the science of food, the five food groups, and the composition of a healthy meal. Practice healthy meal building skills with the Healthy Helpings™ Game. Learn how to garden with pretend flowerpots, watering cans, a shovel, plants, and vegetables. Then develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of produce and learn the nutritional value of eating the rainbow.

bookcover.pngOur kit includes book "Our Food" not "Vegetables: Are Good For You".

All About Magnets Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | This science focused STEAM kit is a dynamic, hands-on introduction to the fascinating powers of magnets. When fun and colorful tools are combined with scientific exploration, STEAM lessons become irresistible. 

Sound, Music, and Band Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Children will enjoy the eye-popping illustrations and can either read or sing-along with this silly and funny book. Play along and create fun songs using the band equipment provided to encourage creative play and to help children experience the fun of making music. 

Arts and Crafts Creative Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The Arts and Crafts Creative Kit lets children express their creativity through two art manipulatives. The Rainbow Cord Picture and Pattern Maker is a hands-on manipulative that allows children to explore their creative side. The Spindoodle™ Game is an activity that will challenge both hand and eye coordination, while trying to draw a picture.

Pete the Cat Loves Preschool Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Settle in with your preschooler and Pete the Cat®. Enjoy a great book and a variety of lessons with Pete the Cat®. This kit features two interactive preschool sets that promote groovy, independent, and interactive learning. Use Hot Dots® Jr. interactive pen for immediate audio and visual feedback on lessons in reading, math, science, social studies, and more.

World of Colors Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | Help kids learn their colors as well as practice sorting through the World of Colors kit. Children will build color recognition, logical reasoning, and increase fine motor skills through three fun activities. 


Interest Level: PK-3 | This kit is a delightful introduction that encourages teamwork and healthy physical activity. Designed to encourage children to experiment with basic yoga posed and build confidence using two engaging games for multiple players.

Machines and Contraptions Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | Students construct, examine, and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier. KEVA planks build an early understanding of proportion and balance, while teaching basic principles of physics and engineering.

Money, Math, and Economics Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The Money, Math & Economics kit introduces the concept of money recognition, money management, and math skills using play money in a hands-on play environment. The kit encourages interactive play to help children buy, sell, and learn the value of money and teach basic financial literacy concepts.

Rocks and Fossils Kit

Interest Grades: 4+ | Read all about rocks, fossils, minerals, and gems, and get an in-depth in person look and feel at the same time. Learn about geology hands-on with this stereoscope featuring 10X and 20x magnification and a top mounted LED light for great views of the collection of 12 rock samples, 9 fossils, and 12 minerals included with the kit.

Robotics and Coding Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The world of coding continues to expand every day. This kit is full of fun facts about robots, computers, and other cool technology and inventions. Interactive coding games will keep children’s bodies busy while their brains gain valuable practice in sequencing, decision making and following commands just like a computer. 

I Love Animals Kit

Interest Grades: PK-3 | The I Love Animals kit gives young animal lovers a chance to become a veterinarian for a day and interact with animals. The hands-on manipulatives promote STEM careers, builds memory, and develops empathy skills.